Skimmed milk powder SMP

Origin Poland/Estonia/Ukraine
Certification Health, Veterinary, COA
Best Before 1 years
Delivery FOB


Among the fat foods drying dry milk spraying – the most complete, most balanced substance necessary products. The high nutritional value of skimmed milk powder has led to the optimal content of essential for human digestive proteins, mineral salts, vitamins and minimal fat. Skimmed milk powder refers to functional health food. Skimmed milk has great durability compared to full milk powder due to a series of chemical reactions that affect fat. Due to the reduced fat content, the milk powder component is of course store much longer, the quality reflected in the possibility of using this product on the market.


Confectionery industry;
Dairy industry;
For baking;
Meat industry;
Oils and fats of industry
Dietetic and food for children

Physical and Chemical parameters:

Fat content in %, max25
Moisture in %, max4
Index of solubility, in %, max0.4
Protein in %, min25-27
Lactose in %, min35-37
Acidity, grad T, max19
or % milk acidity, max0.17
Minerals (Ash), in %, max7

Microbiological Standards:

Plate count in 1g of product, a unit, max50000
E. Coli and Coli forms, in 1g of product, a unit, maxNot Allow
Moulds, in 1g of product, a unit, max50
Yeasts, in 1g of product, a unit, max50
Staphylococcus coagulate positive, in 0,1g of product, a unit, maxNot Allow
Salmonella, Listeria, in 25g of product, a unit, maxNot Allow