Potato Flakes

Origin Russia
Certification FDA, COA, GMO Free
Best Before 1 years


Potato flakes are dry bulk goods in the form of plates of different shapes and sizes, in the hydration process forming a typical mashed potatoes, no lumps or sticky consistency. The main raw material for the production of potato flakes is a fresh potato. Technology of production of potato flakes: washing potatoes; treatment of potato tubers; cutting into slices / pieces; blanching, kneading until the state of mashed potatoes; introduction of food additives; contact with dry crushing; packing finished potato flakes Application: Potato flakes are widely used in food industry – snack foods, mashed potatoes, croquettes and other potato products, farshevye meat products, instant soups and sauces, dry mixes, bakery products, confectionery products (cakes with fillings), etc. Also, the potato flakes are widely used in catering. Advantages: consistent quality high hydration (not less than the hydration of potato flakes other European manufacturers) excellent organoleptic hydration flakes do not require special equipment hydration does not require a long mixing with water, less time to cook mashed potatoes do not use GM potato variety Packaging and shelf life four-layer paper bags with the p / e insert net weight 25 kg; shelf life of 5 years from date of manufacture.

Physical and Chemical parameters:

Moistureššin %, max20
pH value5.5-7.5
Black spots count, per 100 g max50
SO2 content ppm max6
Ash, in %,š0.35

Microbiological Standards:

Plate count in 1g of product, a unit,ššmax<50000
E. Coli and Coli forms, in 1g of product, a unit,ššmaxNegative
Moulds, in 1g of product, a unit,ššmax500
Yeasts, in 1g of product, a unit,ššmax100
Staphylococcus coagulate positive, in 0,1g of product, a unit,ššmaxNegative
Salmonella, Listeria, in 25g of product, a unit,ššmaxNegative
Clostridium, in 25g of product, a unit,ššmaxNegative