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Natural gray soap

Origin Ukraine
Expiration date 2 years
Supply FCA


We offer you real gray soap 72%. Natural, no dyes and no fragrances. Soap is produced in Ukraine in the “ERA” company, of which we are the sole distributor in Poland.

This is the truest gray soap, exactly what our mothers and our grandmothers used. Gray natural soap 72% has a Health Quality Certificate issued by the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw. PZH Attestation Number: H-HŻ-6071-066 / 2017 / A

200g cube, packed in cardboard boxes of 25 pieces, 4400 pieces on a pallet.

Logistic minimum: 100 items.

Please send your orders to our Trade Department, tel. 17 715 00 80,

Product specification

Color: from light brown to dark brown
Odor:appropriate for the product
Structure:Hard gray soap
Composition:Sodium salts of fatty acids of plant or animal origin, water, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, sodium silicate, stabilizer, antioxidant.

Logistics information

Nominal weight of a piece of soap:200 g.
Packaging: 25 items in a 28.5x19.5x9 cm carton.
On a pallet:176 cartons wrapped in stretch film

More information about the product is available on the manufacturer’s website: