Lactose 200 mesh

Origin Ukraine/Germany
Certification Health, Veterinary, COA
Best Before 2 years
Delivery FOB


Food lactose (milk sugar) – a carbohydrate group disaccharide found in milk. Organoleptical characteristics: Taste and flavor: sweet, odorless. Color: White. Consistency: crystalline powder. The use of lactose: – Bakery industry (for the golden-brown crust, helps to increase the amount of bread and buns products); – Meat industry (salt masks the bitter taste and improves the product stability during storage); – Confectionery industry (improved base caramels, chocolate production, jams, jellies, biscuits, candies, icing); – Condensed milk (used in the production as a seed for crystallization); – Manufacture of baby food to align the level of lactose in milk substitutes with its level in human milk (6,2); – Alcoholic products (amplified and simultaneously softens the taste of alcohol, improves the organoleptical properties of the drink and mitigates the negative consequences that come with an overdose of alcohol).

Physical and Chemical parameters:

Fat content in %, maxTraces
Moisture in %, max0.5
Protein in %, min0.4
Lactose in %, min98
Acidity, grad T, max16
or % milk acidity, max0.15
Minerals (Ash), in %, max0.5

Microbiological Standards:

Plate count in 1g of product, a unit, max1000
E. Coli and Coli forms, in 1g of product, a unit, maxNot Allow
Moulds, in 1g of product, a unit, max25
Yeasts, in 1g of product, a unit, max25
Staphylococcus coagulate positive, in 0,1g of product, a unit, maxNot Allow
Salmonella, Listeria, in 25g of product, a unit, maxNot Allow