Cattle (beef) Gelatin 180-220 Bloom

Origin Belarus
Certification Health, Non GMO, COA
Expiration date 3 years
Supply FOB


Gelatin (or Gelatine) – a mixture of proteins of animal origin. The word “gelatin” is derived from the Latin “gelatus”, which means “frozen.” Gelatin – a transparent, brittle (when dry), hard, odorless, slightly yellowish on to light-brown color derived from skins and bones of cattle. Gelatin is used in production: Dairy industry – ice cream, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cakes; Meat – ham, jellied, canned ham, canned meat and fish, meat loaves, pates; Desserts – Desserts jelly, pudding, frosting; Confectionery – chewing gum, lozenges, wafers, candies, marshmallows, candied fruits, creams; Other – consommé soups, sauces, wines, Pharmaceuticals – capsules, tablets, etc.; Manufacture of adhesives, photographic materials. Gelatin contains a large amount of glycine, an amino acid that is a source of energy for the life of the organism. Protein products are poor in glycine, so gelatin – a useful supplement to meat diets.

Physical and Chemical parameters:

Moisture %, max12
Jelly strength (6.67%), in Bloom, min180
Transparency in %, min95
Ash (minerals), in % max5

Microbiological Standards:

Total of bacteria in 1g of product, a unit,ššmax10
Anaerobic bacteria sulphate recovery (IV), in 1g of product, a unit,ššmax10
E. Coli and Coli forms, in 1g of product, a unit,ššmax2
Clostridium perfringens, in 1g of product, a unit,ššmax10
Staphylococcus coagulate positive, in 0,1g of product, a unit,ššmax10
Salmonella, Listeria, in 25g of product, a unit,ššmaxepsent
Moulds, in 1g of product, a unit,ššmaxepsent