Full Cream Milk Powder FCMP

Origin Ukraine/Poland
Certification Health, Veterinary, COA
Best Before 1 years
Delivery FOB


Our company offers a whole milk powder, which is produced from cow’s pasteurized milk normalized by condensation and subsequent drying in spray dryers. Milk is one of the key products needed to man during the entire life of the normal power supply. Currently, various industries have been increasingly used not natural cow’s milk, and dry. Nutritionally product almost as good as fresh. It retained proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins contained in natural breast milk, and a significant portion of vitamin C.


  • Confectionery industry;
  • Dairy industry;
  • Baking;
  • Meat industry;
  • Oil and fat industry

Physical and Chemical parameters:

Fat content in %, max25
Moisture in %, max4
Index of solubility, in %, max0.4
Protein in %, min25-27
Lactose in %, min35-37
Acidity, grad T, max19
or % milk acidity, max0.17
Minerals (Ash), in %, max7

Microbiological Standards:

Plate count in 1g of product, a unit, max50000
E. Coli and Coli forms, in 1g of product, a unit, maxNot Allow
Moulds, in 1g of product, a unit, max50
Yeasts, in 1g of product, a unit, max50
Staphylococcus coagulate positive, in 0,1g of product, a unit, maxNot Allow
Salmonella, Listeria, in 25g of product, a unit, maxNot Allow